All AMHA/AMHR miniatures sold over $2000 will sell with a Height Guarantee unless otherwiest stated.  Miniatures are guaranteed not to exceed 34"/38" (respective to registry) by their permanent status date.  If said miniature should exceed that height, buyer would have the option of returning that miniature for another miniature of equal value that is on our sales page or accept a farm credit for a future purchase. 



All colts sold  over the sum of $1000 are sold with a Fertility Guarantee which states that as a stallion they are deemed capable of producing off spring.  Miniature Stallions are given three full years for testicles to descend unless Buyer and Seller are satisfied by a licensed veterinarian hospital examination that states testicles are not there, will not developed or for some reason present from birth stallion is verified at an earlier age as being sterile.    Stallion will be exchanged for miniature of equal value; if a stallion/colt is not available,  Buyer may chose a filly/mare of same value  or accept a farm credit against a future purchase.                


Mares sold with LFG are guaranteed to be in foal and produce a live foal.  Buyer agrees to take all responsible measures to ensure safe delivery of foal.  Mare will be bred back with out a stud fee should foal be born dead or die within 7 days of birth due to natural causes. Foals that are born live and die within the seven days must have cause of death certified by a veterinarian to validate LFG.  No mare care will be charged for 30 days.